Sea Turtle Necklace; Making Real-life Impact

Did you know that sea turtles existed right from the time of the dinosaurs? During the Jurassic period, sea turtles were part of the thriving population of the oceans. Over time, their population has dwindled from several million to some hundred thousand, and they are now considered endangered.

What are the factors that make sea turtles endangered?

Sea turtles constantly face threats to their well-being and existence. Some of these threats come from natural predators that prey on them for food, with juvenile sea turtles being more vulnerable to these attacks.

However, the majority of the threats sea turtles face come from human actions like fishing, where they often get caught as bycatch. At other times, sea turtles are hunted for their meat and eggs. The problem of ocean pollution also contributes to developing an inhabitable environment for these marine species.

Sea turtles that swim around areas with high boat movements are usually victims of accidents caused by speeding boats and end up injured or dead.

With rapid development, some of their nesting grounds are subjected to construction, driving these sea animals away in search of a breeding ground.

Other threats include climate change, which can lead to drastic temperature changes that may affect the development of the eggs or the ratio of males to females that finally hatches.

How Can You Make a Real-Life Impact to Save Sea Turtles?

One of the ways to get involved in the conservation of sea turtles is by supporting organizations that aim to save and conserve marine animals.

At Marine Life Mission, making a purchase of our specially designed sea turtle necklace comes with the following benefits:

  • Getting an adopted sea turtle with a trace code and a personalized identification card.
  • You are given a GPS tracker to keep track of your sea turtle's movements using a tracker app on your phone.
  • The GPS technology used to track your sea turtle—GPS-ForLife™ helps marine biologists to perform research and develop better preservation strategies.
  • Sometimes, these sea turtles are injured, and if that's the case, they are taken for treatment before they are released back into the ocean.

When you buy a sea turtle necklace, not only does it grace your look, but a percentage of the profits earned is channeled to projects aimed at conserving endangered sea turtle species.

Over 90% of the sea turtle species are now extinct, but the remaining population can be preserved and kept safe by intentional and proactive practices.

With the help of partners from around the world, the Marine Life Mission has saved 170,000 sea turtles and influenced the establishment of laws against predatory fishing.

With your sea turtle necklace purchase, you can join the mission to save and preserve endangered sea turtles. For a purchase of $40 or more, you get free shipping! You get more than jewelry; you get a chance to help save the marine world! Make a purchase today!