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You will receive with your purchase a personalized identification card of the adopted animal along with a GPS tracker access so you can follow the journey of your turtle.

Every purchase from Marine Life Mission directly saves an animal, which you will adopt and track their life steps from your phone.

These are animals that were injured or lived under critical conditions. After treatment, they were equipped with a GPS-ForLife™, and released back to nature.


Our mission is to scale GPS-ForLife™. This is a technology that helps marine biologists save ocean's life.

When you join Marine Life Mission you're contributing to the scientific community to tackle the largest destruction our planet is facing - the marine life devastation.

From a passionate team
comes your purchase,
to marine life goes your help.

People Love Saving Marine Life

I love to follow Lola - my adopted Turtle. She is very active and just visited the Shores of North Carolina. I wonder if she laid eggs when she went there.

Brianna C.

It's pure joy to follow my turtle, and the necklace that I got from Marine Life Mission is cool and of great quality!

Carmen L.

We get the work done

Our commitment is to preserve the most endangered part of our planet – our oceans.

Your purchase funds satellite telemetry systems (GPS-ForLife™), which is the most powerful research tool in helping scientists understand how marine life behave in the wild and therefore work on better preservation strategies.

Marine Life Mission Results:

• More than 170,000 Sea Turtles saved.

• Influenced the approval of federal legislation against predatory fishing.

• Influenced the closure of private docks to foreign fleets, allowing stricter authorities control.


In partnership with

The Endangered Marine Species Rescue Center (CREMA).

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The tracker can last anywhere from months to many years – it’s hard to predict but certainly Sea Turtles is one of the animals where telemetry works for the longest 😊

There are NO ongoing costs! :)

Data receiving costs are already included in the price of the product.

Shipping is Free!

This includes all costs of delivery and custom duties.

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Delivery time depends on your location, and delivery days are Monday to Saturday with the exception of national holidays.

You will receive a track and trace code via email. If you have any questions, our team will be happily available at .

Transmitter setup methods are used to not harm the animals, wound its shell or skin, or raise the chances of being trapped. In addition, having a device does not impact their feeding, migration, and reproduction.

There are many organizations working to protect and preserve Marine Life, but we have found that those located in underdeveloped countries are the ones that suffer the most with funding. While the problem is global, and we concentrate our efforts mostly on developed countries, we will not get anywhere near to the solution.

Although the funds are not available in these areas of the world, the will and energy from marine biologists, researchers, volunteers, etc., is as big as from anywhere in the world. In fact, after visiting and meeting with countless people from the field, we feel confident to say that marine biologists and researchers from these countries are within the most resourceful people we ever met.

If you wish to learn more about CREMA's works, please visit their website.    

Yes, rescued animals are never kept confined.

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