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This is the building block of your everyday look. Wearing this bracelet will also send a message that you care.

Sea Turtles are critically endangered animals, but with your support, we can change this. Adopt today your sea turtle by purchasing The Marine Life Bracelet.

A small gesture with a big impact. By purchasing this product, you will be adopting your own rescued and treated Sea Turtle. Along with your necklace, you will receive the adopted Sea Turtle ID as well as the possibility to follow their journey into the seas!

More than a elegant design, it's the perfect addition to your everyday outfits. This bracelet is made with titanium and nautical rope.

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Save the Turtles!

By purchasing this product you will automatically donate and keep saving the turtles.

1 Purchase = 1 Adoption

Part of the proceeds go to funding the The Endangered Marine Species Rescue Center - CREMA.

You will receive with your purchase a personalized identification card of the adopted animal along with a GPS tracker access so you can follow the journey of your turtle.

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Marine life needs your support

Marine life is endangered but you can change this. Your purchase will fund the maintenance of marine research, and conservation projects lead by CREMA.

Focused on:

Trash from the stomach of a Sea Turtle

Almost 80% of the world's marine life is now either endangered or extinct.

Ocean pollution—including vast amounts of plastic waste that cannot break down—is particularly hazardous for marine wildlife. The image shows the plastic trash found in the stomach of a single sea turtle found dead on the Pacific Coast.

Support this cause and help save more turtles!

Virtually empty oceans by 2048

Join our Mission to revert this!

An international team of ecologists and economists conclude that the loss of marine biodiversity worldwide is profoundly reducing the ocean's ability to produce seafood, resist diseases, filter pollutants and rebound from stresses, such as climate change and overfishing.

Published on the journal Science, Nov 3rd, 2016.

Why Sea Turtles?

Sea Turtles play a key role to the world’s marine life.

Sea turtles are among the very few creatures that eat sea grass. Their grazing helps maintain the health of the sea grass beds. Sea grass beds provide breeding and developmental grounds for numerous marine animals. Without them, many marine species that humans harvest will be lost, as will the lower levels of the food chain. The result could be many more marine species eventually becoming endangered or extinct.

You will follow their journey!

You will follow every stage of the journey. The rescued animals are tracked by satellite telemetry which is useful and important in protecting sea turtles.

When you receive your product, you will get access to the tracker and will follow the adopted sea turtle journey through the oceans!

Now you can show that YOU CARE about marine life and the world's eco-system.


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Buy today and YOU will create a better tomorrow for marine life.

Marine life is endangered but YOU can change this by buying now.

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